Blue Living Room Color Schemes

Having our own blue living room must be very unique because not many homeowners have it. There are some blue living room ideas to choose, but we must be really careful to choose only the right one. This is important since the right idea will be able to make significant changes to add aesthetic look to our living room.

Applying the light blue on the wall is recommended and we can combine it with white sofas to create an elegant look. We can install white floor tiles on the living room and cover it with bluish turquoise rug. Otherwise, you can also add some bluish furniture and decorations to strengthen the dominancy of blue color over your living room area.

White draperies would be perfect if we combine it with dark blue or greenish blue curtains. We also can add a white photo frame with a black and white picture on it. Yes, everything doesn’t necessarily to be blue. Adding some other colors with minor portion will even make your blue theme look stronger.

Adding a wooden floor lamp might be a good idea and we can place either white or blue lampshade on it. There are actually more options of blue living room ideas that you can try but make sure that you make a little research before you apply any of them.

Bright Blue Living Room Pictures
Bright Blue Living Room

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Light blue living room ideas images

Blue Living Room Ideas


Dark Blue Living Room Wall Photos

Drak Blue Living Room Ideas


Blue Living Room Color Schemes

The blue color creates ambience seemed calm in the living room. In addition, the blue color also can create a peace and quiet. How is what you are interested in making a blue color to your living room wall, I hope you try it. Thank you for your visit and do not forget to share this article via social media.