Carpet Runner Ideas for Stairs

Stairs with Carpet Runner

Most homeowners commonly tend to leave the stairs naked without any decorations. Installing the carpet runners for stairs might be a perfect idea for many reasons such as to add the beauty of the stairs, for adding the safety and comfort of the homeowners. There are several important things we must consider when we want to buy the carpet runners. And here are they you should know about.

At first we must measure the space we’d like to install the carpet runners at. We need to match the length and width of the carpet runners for stairs. This must be done precisely considering for the beauty and the safety of the homeowners. If the carpet runners are too short then they would make the stairs ugly but if they’re too long then they will wrinkle and it would be quite dangerous for the homeowners.


Choosing the right models and colors of the carpet runners for stairs is also necessary. This will take time since we need to make a quite experiment to match the stair color with the carpet runners. It is essential to avoid bold dark color as it may give difficulty for anyone to get exact dimension of the stair and they would tend to easily falling, which is why it’s too dangerous to do so. It would be a good idea to choose one with pattern or multiple color combinations.


Another Photo of stair carpet runner:

Custom Stair Runner Rug


Stairs with Carpet Runner

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