DIY Potting Bench Ideas

Potting bench is widely known as the gardening table. This is types of workbench that are used for gardening task such as placing the garden tools, transplanting seedling, and even work as a place to placing a flower pot. Basically, the bench height is where the work surface of the potting bench is place which means it made to make people comfortable on their stand. Since the potting bench is used outdoor, the material of the bench is mostly made of metal or plastic to make this potting bench stand against the changing of the weather. The potting bench is able to purchase in the market, but if you want to safe a buck, the DIY potting bench is your best chance to have one.

Here are guide of DIY potting bench for you to build your own potting bench. First, decide the design of the potting bench. Once you find the suitable potting bench design for your garden, second steps are choosing the material for your potting bench. Even though metal and plastic is perfect material for potting bench, but mostly for beautify the garden, people tend to choose wooden potting bench. The redwood or cedar wood is common wood types chosen for potting bench as they are affordable and quite strong against water.

Third, steps are building the frames. Mostly the potting bench has two rows of frames. The upper frame’ legs behind the frame are basically longer than the lower frame because it will support the upper frame while the front leg is shorter. Fourth, and last steps of DIY potting bench, is assembling the bench’ frame using shims to keep frame and boards sit properly in their spaced and drive the screws into the frame. This is crucial part that will decide the strength of the potting bench and also to make sure that the potting bench is stood still.

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