Shipping Container Home Design Plans

Now there is interesting to note recently introduced Shipping Container Home for shelter. Given the condition of the increasingly dense residential land plus the narrow city made land prices in metropolitan cities not to mention the issue of exorbitant flood.

Certainly makes people become more careful and wisely choose a comfortable place to stay. Usually the container that has been redesigned into a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and toilets are often booked for an office or mining project.
Lately people have started to realize the importance of preserving nature and the environment. So do not be surprised if now many attempts to process the garbage and re- used materials into new products that are environmentally friendly. Not least in terms of building the house which is now widely used wood to take advantage of new home building materials. Now too many boxes reuse old containers into a dwelling house or often called Shipping Container Home.

The former container believed to be much better than a tent that could be leaked or blown by the wind. Not only houses that can be made from used containers. Home office or office may only be able to also be made of used containers.
Can you imagine if the box container with a large size as it becomes garbage? In addition to its processing requires a long process, to contain it also requires a large place. So it is appropriate to boxes of used containers are utilized back into a home. By doing so, home construction became more practical and efficient.


The process was relatively quick construction, container stay sealed box as needed and holes for doors and windows. Efforts to utilize container as the current building is no longer just a trend. Shipping Container Home utilization is increasingly becoming an option as a model for solving the housing problem.

Another Photo of shipping container home:

40,000 USD shipping container home


Shipping Container Home Ideas

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