Teenage Bedroom Color Schemes

The color scheme is one of the most important aspects of the decoration of the bedroom. This will also happen to the kind of decoration that you want to apply for the teenage bedroom. You might want to pick the main color scheme as the grand style for the room. And if you haven’t got any idea of the color that you want, you might want to use the blue color for this. This will be suitable both for the bedrooms for girls and boys. But, what color blue for a teenage bedroom should you use?

What Color Blue for Teenage Bedroom You Should Use in the House
Differentiating between what color blue for teenage bedroom that should be used for the boys and girls bedroom will be based on the shades that you want to use. For instance, if you want to use the color blue for the boys’ bedroom, you might want to use the darker shades of blue for most part of the bedroom. You will still be able to use the lighter shades, but this will only to make the focal point in the room. Besides, the darker shades of this color will be very nice to give the masculine and mature effect in the bedroom.

But if you want to use the blue color for the girls’ bedroom, you might need to pick the light shades for the walls of the bedroom. Not only for the most part of the room walls, you can also use the same kind of color for most of the furniture in the room. This will be very nice to give the room the cute and sweet sense which is very good for the girls. If you want to use the carpet for the bedroom, you might need to use the complementary color for this to make some distinction in the bedroom.

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