Tree Trunk Coffee Table Design Ideas

Tree trunk coffee table should become your choice for complete your home with natural style. People need coffee table for complete their home especially for living room or family room. This coffee table will be very useful for you put food and drink when your guests come or when your family gathering. There are so many kinds of coffee table you can find. You could feel bored with the coffee table that you think always same. You need something new and different, this is the choice, the tree trunk coffee table.

This kind of coffee table will complete your natural style home. Yes, this coffee table will be very perfect for you who love natural furniture. You could place this coffee table indoor or outdoor. For outdoor, you can put this coffee table in the terrace. But if you want, you can put it indoor in the room with good lighting from the sun. Just feel free to combine the coffee table with your comfortable chair. You can choose the chair that made from wood but you can also choose another kind of chair.

There are two types of tree trunk coffee table for you. You can choose the full tree trunk coffee table or you just want the coffee table that combine tree trunk with glass. Then you can choose the shape of your coffee table. Because it made from tree trunk, you will find the shape is irregular and very natural just like real tree trunk. Besides that you have to choose the size. Never choose the big one for a narrow room. You have to make it match with your room, not only from the shape but also about the size. If you really want this kind of coffee table, you have to keep it carefully. Remember to always clean the coffee table everyday. Because this kind of coffee table has a long life, you just need to always keep it clean so it will look new everyday.


Are you ready to buy this coffee table? The kind of tree or wood will influence the price. You have to make sure that the quality of the coffee table is balanced with the price. So, get ready for hunting the tree trunk coffee table for your home.

Another Photo of tree trunk coffee table:

Vintage Tree Trunk Resin Coffee Table


Vintage Cross-Sectioned Tree Trunk & Root Coffee Table

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